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Commission Endorses Toll Payment and Penalty Reform Bill Metropolitan Transportation Commission

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how to pay fastrak without invoice number

It will cost you $8.05 to cross the bridge if you have a FasTrak account, and $9.05 if they mail you the invoice. Discounted tolls when you carpool, ride a motorcycle or drive a clean air vehicle. FasTrak Toll Calculator to calculate your tolls and fuel cost to travel across what is an invoice number California — before the trip. Own a FasTrak, log in to your account to look up FasTrak violations. There you can view details of all the toll plazas crossed and the due tolls as well. If you have already received a violation notice, visit our Toll Violations page.

How do you check if I owe tolls in California?

You can view all account information online or via The Toll Roads app. If you have an invoice account, an invoice of accumulated tolls is sent to you monthly via postal mail and an invoice fee is assessed.

Welcome to EZDriveMA, the online home of Massachusetts all electronic tolling program. Here, you can open an E-ZPass MA account, manage your account information, and pay missed tolls. Los Angeles toll roads Planning an amazing time exploring the jaw-dropping City of Angels? If you decide to rent a car, you should be aware that Los Angeles and the suburbs have many toll roads.


To improve the safety of your plates you can also get anti-theft screws from your local police station. Freyer says she can’t imagine living where one must pay to park a car or cross a bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge does take some time to process the invoice for your toll crossing, but the systems are relatively fast. You should receive a letter with an invoice for your toll within one week of your crossing.If you haven’t received the letter after 1 week, check with your local DMV to confirm they have the correct address. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the world’s best-known landmarks. But many drivers struggle to pay the toll since there are no cash toll lanes.

Scammers just use customized plates to make the victim pay tolls for them. Would it be a surprise for you to suddenly come across a vehicle with an identical registration just like yours? According to the police, thousands of vehicles on US roads may have cloned license plates. These can also be plates doctored in some way for unscrupulous purposes such as driving off without paying for gas.

Paying Tolls: Payment Types In Brief

Toll invoices may include an administrative fee for issuing the invoice. Use of road signs, highway markers, agency insignia or other logos does not imply any affiliation or endorsement. Web page addresses and email addresses turn into links automatically.

To use FasTrak, you need an account with a prepaid balance and a toll tag. You deposit money into your FasTrak account and each time you cross a bridge or use an express lane, the toll is deducted from your account balance. Maintaining a FasTrak account is free – when you close your account and return your toll tag, the remaining prepaid balance will be refunded to you. It’s the only toll payment method that allows carpools, motorcycles, vanpools, and eligible clean air vehicles to use the carpool lanes on bridges and it’s required for Bay Area Express Lanes.

What happens if I don’t pay a toll in California?

If you prefer to remain anonymous, that is an option offered when using FasTrak.

Customers who neglect to return payment by the due date on the invoice will receive a “Notice of Toll Evasion” with a $5 penalty for each toll crossing. Customers who do not return payment by the due date on the “Notice of Toll Evasion” will receive a “Second Notice of Delinquent Toll Evasion” with a violation penalty of $15 per crossing. Customers who do not return payment after a second notice may have a hold put on their vehicle registration by the DMV or have the amount owed referred to a collection agency. More information about License Plate Accounts and one-time payments is available at Unfortunately, the last few years have shown that the toll-by-plate system is prone to scams.

Receive a Toll Invoice

License Plate Accounts are best suited for drivers who choose to “pay as they go” on the Golden Gate Bridge. Up to five different license plate numbers may be added per account. We recently became aware of a FasTrak tolling system issue wherein a small number of customers in two-axle vehicles were overcharged at the multi-axle toll rate.

how to pay fastrak without invoice number